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Season 0 : 2017-11-03 | 6 Episodes

EP1 Tricked Out Cat Castle 2017-11-03

A mother and daughter create a cats-only tree house connected by a suspension bridge for an energetic indoor cat

EP2 A Backyard to Drool For 2017-11-10

Antonio and team transform a health-hazard yard into a dog-friendly escape, complete with paw-operated drinking fountain and medicinal plants. Inside, a bathroom is transformed into a dog wash, and a drool-proof feeding station solves a sticky problem.

EP3 Ultimate Manimal Cave 2017-11-17

A cluttered basement housing more than 20 rescued reptiles, mammals and birds is transformed into an underground grotto featuring artificial rock walls for the residents and an entertainment space everyone can use.

EP4 Condo Cat Creation 2017-11-24

A cramped condo with two cats and a rescue dog is renovated so the pets have personalized spaces built into the stairs and furniture, and there's even a 20-foot cat-climbing wall.

EP5 Football Pup Palace 2017-12-01

Plot of this episode is not specified yet.
Please check back later for more update.

EP6 Senior Dog's Decked Out Dorm 2017-12-08

Antonio and the team make a mountain cabin safe and build a Japanese-inspired lounge for a blind dog.
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Released: 2017-11-03
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Antonio Ballatore, his project manager Grace, and his right hand-dog, Chewie the bulldog, along with a team of Catsperts and Barkitects, transform drab, cramped homes and outside areas into functional, high-style spaces for both pets and the people they love. Antonio's excitement for both design and animals drive him to go the extra mile for his clients and their four-legged, winged, and scaly friends. The newly designed spaces, renovated specifically for the homeowners and their pets, feature design elements that alter homes to become creative and purposeful spaces for all to enjoy. This season, viewers will see a cabin redesign for a family and their blind dog; a complete backyard renovation featuring a pet-safe fire-pit; a man-cave that can accommodate 20 pets; and a room design complete with a soaring sculptural cat climbing wall, among other design transformations.

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